with Joe Cortese

What’s the one song Rob Thomas sang that he never needs to hear again?

As Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty unveil another new album this year, Rob and the boys have been making the rounds, sharing stories of the songs that helped make them one of the biggest bands of the last 25 years.

And although Rob LOVES playing every single song he’s written and recorded, there is ONE, he says, he doesn’t need to HEAR out and about anymore.



Yep.  His biggest hit, alongside Carlos Santana.  A song that had a winding road to its’ launch, including several re-writes, with Santana’s goal to be relevant to a new audience.

Thomas jokes that it got so big, so fast, it got – well – TOO BIG.  It went from being a sexy summertime hit in 1999 and 2000 to a grocery store muzak staple almost overnight, and as Thomas called it himself, “the anthem of divorced dads.”

That’s not that he didn’t love working with Santana, of course.

“Even today, in all honesty, I’m OK if I never hear that song,” Thomas told “Esquire” magazine in 2019. “When I say that, I love playing it and I love performing it. And I would play it every night, and I have a great joy every time that I do it. But I’m OK if I don’t hear it again.”

Rob, sorry…not sorry… we still dig it; us dads, divorced, married, or otherwise.  So excuse us if we crank it up just a little louder.

You don’t have to listen 😉 .

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