with Joe Cortese

April A-Z: Weekend #4 Starts with ‘P’

It’s the last weekend in April and that means we’re in the homestretch of April A-to-Z in the video music era by artist and title!

Joe Cortese picks up the Retro Pop Reunion playlist with the letter P this week…

P is for Prince, “Power of Love,” “Poison,” and Paula Abdul!

R’s represent from R.E.M to “Rio” to REO!

S scores Stevie Nicks, “Shout,” and “Super Freak!”

T has a song that had a major comeback a few weeks ago.

U – there’s only one band we could play for this one… any guesses???

V will go from “Vogue” to Van Halen.

Joe will fit in as many songs as he can this weekend, from April A-to-Z on RETRO POP REUNION!

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