with Joe Cortese

Welcome to APRIL A-TO-Z: Week 1

We'll enjoy A-through-C!


There aren’t any REAL SURPRISES when you’re playing the hits in alphabetical order; all the songs and artists pop up EXACTLY when you expect them.  (A is for A-HA, B is for the Bangles, C is for Cyndi Lauper, et cetera, et cetera.)

But what you LEARN about some of your favorites as our APRIL A-To-Z gets started will certainly shed some new light on your favorite songs from the video music era, including…


A – “Africa” by Toto

We all love this song… the “do do do do do do do doooooo’s”…the whole VIBE.  But the guys of Toto have another reason to be excited; new data is in showing that Toto’s “Africa” is now the most popular song at a VERY SPECIFIC PLACE many of us have been!  Find out where it is, as we begin this weekend of April A-To-Z in the A’s.



B – Billy’s PREVIOUS life?

There is NO SONG that screams Billy Joel quite like Piano Man.  But before Billy discovered his musical talents, he was pursuing a very DIFFERENT life.  Learn about what Billy COULD have done, had he not turned into a musician, in the B’s this weekend.


C – “Cars” by Gary Numan

You know how when you hear a term to describe something you’ve experienced YEARS after you actually experienced it?  That’s what Gary Numan is describing with this song; a very unique experience related to all things automotive (that some of us may have seen or experienced too).  Get the backstory during April A-To-Z this weekend!

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