with Joe Cortese

The Albums of 1983… AMAZING!

The Albums of 1983: 40 Years of AMAZING!

Any year that Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as its’ top album is a GOOD year for albums.

A year that also has The Police’s “Synchronicity” is a GREAT year for albums.

Top it off with “War” from U2, “Let’s Dance” from David Bowie, “Colour By Numbers” from Culture Club and nearly a dozen more… well… that’s just AMAZING!

This weekend on The Retro Pop Reunion, we’ll go digging through the crates for them all; the albums you still have in your collection today, and maybe a few you forgot you loved.  (You’ll score bonus points if you can find the cassette in an old glove compartment!)

Join us this weekend on the Retro Pop Reunion – and we’ll enjoy the best albums of ’83 together, nice and loud, as they’re meant to be!

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