with Joe Cortese

You’ll Never Guess Who Sang Backup For Lionel Richie

We just learned an incredible piece of information on “The Kelly Clarkson Show!”

Singer Richard Marx appeared on the show and revealed that his very first job in music was at age 18, singing backup vocals for Lionel Richie on his hit song, “All Night Long!”

Richard Marx from RichardMarx.com

Clarkson couldn’t believe it. “This is a true story! So next time you hear ‘All night long, all night’ – that’s me,” Marx told her.

Marx said he kept getting rejected by all the major labels during the early years of his career. So he did a lot of backup work instead!

It wasn’t until later in the 1980s that Marx would gain fame as a solo artist with #1 hits like “Right Here Waiting,” “Hold On to the Nights,” and “Satisfied.”

Marx appeared on the show with his friend Rick Springfield. The two musicians have performed together throughout the years.

Watch the video for “All Night Long” and pay attention to the backup vocals – we bet you’ll never hear the song the same way again!

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