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THROWBACK EXCLUSIVE: Terri Nunn talks touring, and why THIS time around is so much sweeter

Terri Nunn COULD hang out at home.

She COULD call it a career.

After all, with record breaking accomplishments in leading a movement of electronic music in the early 1980s, Terri and Berlin have little to prove.  After they re-wrote the musical playbook with songs like “The Metro,” “No More Words,” and “Sex (I’m A…),” they broke records again on the soundtrack of the original “Top Gun” with “Take My Breath Away” in 1986.

But 30+ years after their biggest hits first graced our ears, Terri is looking at her career and hitting the road again on the “Letting It Go Show” with Culture Club and Howard Jones.  The tour, which just stared in the Southeast, will hit 25 cities across the Throwback Nation this summer – and WE ARE READY.  Get tickets and information to the date closest to you right here.

And as Terri hits the road, she’s doing it with a sense of gratitude and grace that not every performer from her era has achieved.  We spoke with Terri about why this time around, the whole feel of the touring scene is different.


And since we love assembling a good party playlist around here, we had to ask, if you were going to pick THE BEST from your current tourmates – the best from Boy George and Culture Club would be…


And as for the best from Howard Jones…


And HER favorite song to perform?


What a thrill to have Terri stop by – THANK YOU to Terri and Ken Phillips Entertainment for taking a little time to connect with us about the tour!

Want to make sure you see Terri and Berlin on the “Letting It Go Show” >> RIGHT HERE.  Make a date, reserve the uber, and make plans to see her soon.

Better yet…take The Metro.

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