with Joe Cortese

This Weekend: The Best Movie Soundtracks!

Be kind and rewind!

That advice was on every single movie you rented from your local Blockbuster video store.

And the advice still holds this weekend on Retro Pop Reunion – we’re rewinding to play the best movie soundtracks from the video music era!

From “The Wedding Singer” to “Purple Rain” – Joe Cortese has got ’em all for you!

Plus, you’ll find out:

  • Who turned down “Danger Zone,” opening the door for Kenny Loggins?
  • Cyndi Lauper tells us the reasons behind her just-announced farewell tour!

Also, don’t forget you could win four tickets to see New Kids on the Block at their Magic Summer 2024 Tour in the city of your choice! 

Join us this weekend on RETRO POP REUNION!

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