with Joe Cortese

This weekend: it’s MARCH MAN-NESS!



This weekend on The Retro Pop Reunion, we’ll be celebrating all of the guys who know how to bring it on the floor.

Well, at least the SYMBOLIC FLOOR of the music industry.  (We’re not sure about their bounce pass or their 3-game.)

All weekend, join us for Prince, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, and more of the dudes that made the ’80s and ’90s THE BEST time to be alive.  From the songs they released with their respective groups and collaborations, to their solo stylings we’ll never forget, it’s ALL about the guys on our MARCH MAN-NESS weekend.

And while we’re not sure how many of them performed on the basketball court, we know at least ONE was down for a little five on five – with pancakes afterwards.


Here’s to some MAN-NESS on the radio, this weekend on The Retro Pop Reunion!

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