with Joe Cortese


Drain the kiddie pools, grab a pumpkin spice latte, and take a trip to the apple orchard!

It’s the first weekend of fall and this week’s Retro Pop Reunion Playlist falls through the 80s with songs that were big in the fall.

Do you have a favorite “fall” song? Tell us about it here and we’ll add it to the playlist!

Plus, Joe Cortese will answer these video music era questions:

  • What 90s hit was inspired by the smell of a college dorm room?
  • While working as a coat check in NYC, she would put cassette tapes of her songs in peoples’ jackets! Who is she?
  • Also this week, this couple met at work and their first date included coffee, dinner, and a guitar! They’ve now been married over 40 years with the anthem of their relationship, “we belong.” Who is it?

And just for fun, there was a time in the fall when NCIS was pushing beer ads and “The Golden Girls” were a new show… my, how things have changed!

Join us this weekend as we’re FALLING THROUGH THE 80s on Retro Pop Reunion! 

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