with Joe Cortese

This Weekend: Bring On Summer!

Break out the kiddie pools, popsicles, and dad bods, because it’s the first weekend to summerize!

Every song on our Retro Pop Reunion playlist is a summertime hit from the video music era.

Joe Cortese will play all your favorites, plus:

  • The rockstar in summer school art class will tell us how his teacher helped him with the name of his band!
  • Learn what summer gave us Seinfeld and what was it called before it was Seinfeld!
  • And what summer song from the ’80s is about getting your old summer love back?

Plus, Joe will have a special countdown in hour 4 of all #1 songs on Memorial Day weekend in the video music era.

Join us this weekend as we kick off summer on Retro Pop Reunion!

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