with Joe Cortese

THIS WEEKEND: 2 for 1, 2 for 1!

We have something really special for you coming up this weekend on RETRO POP REUNION! Take a look at the calendar – we get two months in one weekend. Saturday is September, Sunday is October. So we’re doing a 2 for 1, 2 for 1! Two songs back to back with one thing in common… the songs could share a word, a theme, a year… it’s gonna be a good one!

Also this week, Joe Cortese will tell you about…

  • Google is out with a list of the most searched song lyrics in history and there’s a couple from the video music era… we’ll play them!
  • Journey announced their 50th anniversary tour for 2024. We’ll take a ride with Steve Perry and learn how he came up with one of the most iconic songs for the band!
  • And a certain ’90s song can tie into why you see teal and purple pumpkins around Halloween!

Be sure to join us for 2 MONTHS, 1 WEEKEND, 2 ARTISTS, 1 SONG… this weekend on RETRO POP REUNION!


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