with Joe Cortese

The Sony Walkman Turns 45

It was the absolute best way to listen to your favorite songs… The Sony Walkman was first introduced 45 years ago, in 1979!

The original Walkman was a portable player for cassette tapes. The idea of taking your music with you wherever you went was revolutionary at the time. It made music personal.

The device was such a hit, Sony had sold over 100 million Walkmans by 1989!

In fact, Walkmans were so popular, the name “Walkman” was used for any personal listening device!

Walkmans were later replaced by portable CD players, then MP3 players, then iPods, and now our phones do pretty much everything.

But who can forget the absolute thrill of making the perfect mix tape, putting on those headphones, and jamming out to your tunes?!

We found several old-school Walkmans on eBay, some still said to be working! 

Amazon also has several Walkmans for sale, some are MP3s and some are just made to look like the old Walkmans. 

We leave you with a classic scene from “Back to the Future.” It’s not an official Walkman, but everyone called it that!

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