with Joe Cortese

The Police’s Stewart Copeland is going SYMPHONIC again!

Longtime drummer for The Police, Stewart Copeland, has LOVED his decades alongside Sting and Andy Summers as a member of The Police.  But one thing many of us may not have realized; Copeland is also an aficionado of film scores, having written several in the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, including the scores for “Wall Street,” “Good Burger” and more.

Now, Copeland gets to take that love and mastery of film scores on stage in England with the return of a unique presentation of LIVE Police tracks, interpreted by a full orchestra.

Called “The Police: DERANGED for Orchestra” (rather than “arranged” for Orchestra), we LOVE the concept.  He presented a few of these a few years back, and we’re so glad he’s back with it again!

Sure, it’s a bit of a trip to make it across the pond, but maybe Stewart will be able to bring his talents back here stateside.  When he does, we’ll be in the front row, air guitar-ing, air drumming, and AIR CONDUCTING too!

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