with Joe Cortese

Thanksgiving Reunion Weekend!

We have something very special for you this Thanksgiving holiday… on the weekend we get together with family, see old friends, and reminisce about the good ol’ days, Retro Pop Reunion has your class reunion playlist!

Joe Cortese will play three hits back to back to back – mostly from ’83 and ’93 but he’ll mix in a few others here and there!

Here are some class notes for your weekend:

  • What class said goodbye to Seinfeld and hello to Google?
  • What class gave us the best-selling album of all time? 
  • And these two classes had #1 songs from a TV star and a movie star – who are they??

Here’s hoping your turkey isn’t dry, the rolls aren’t burned, and the cranberry sauce slides right out of that can!

Happy Thanksgiving from Retro Pop Reunion! 

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