with Joe Cortese

Summer Kickoff With Yacht Rock

What better way to kick off the first weekend of summer than with YACHT ROCK? 

What is Yacht Rock, you ask?

It’s a broad music style, most commonly associated with soft rock from the mid-1970s to 1980s. It has a distinctive sound: light and breezy vocals, smooth rhythms, and catchy melodies. It’s exactly what you’d want to be listening to if you were lounging on a boat as it bobbed along the coast of California, wearing massive sunglasses with a mai-tai in hand! The name was first coined in 2005 by the makers of an online mockumentary video series Yacht Rock. 

If that feeling of ‘sweet freedom’ is what you’re going for this weekend, then Retro Pop Reunion is going to make your dreams come true! Listen May 27 & 28 for the best Yacht Rock songs to kick off summer! 

Before you say you can’t go for that… take a listen to this classic Yacht Rock song to get you in the mood! By the way, do you know who ‘Rosanna’ is? We do, and we’ll tell you this weekend on Retro Pop Reunion! 

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