with Joe Cortese

Songs about TIME – and lack thereof – as we lose an hour of sleep!

Joe Roskey of Sign Craft, of Riviera Beach, works on the outdoor clock at the First Federal Savigns and Loans, at the corner of Olive Avenue and Southern Blvd in this photo circa April 1999. Roskey had corrected the time on the clock, which was off because of the switch to daylight savings time. The bank would become Republic Security Bank in April 19, 1999. The 10,000 square building was built in 1958, and has in recent years been a bank, a charter school, and used for the storage of an antique car collection. Soon will become a 7-11.990408 Wpb Clock

Fall back weekend?  LOVE.

Leaves on the ground; trick or treat candy in our bellies, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and an extra hour of sleep to get us refreshed for the busy week ahead.

Spring FORWARD weekend?  Ehhh…

We’ll take the warmer days, and the sun being out a little later, but the whole idea of losing an hour of sleep is LESS than ideal.  Nevertheless, we’re stuck with it, so if we HAVE to bear it, we’ll at least make it sound a little better this weekend on The Retro Pop Reunion with songs all about TIME.

From “Time After Time” to “If I Could Turn Back Time” (pun unintended since we’re actually LOSING time), we’ll make the loss of sleep a little more bearable with all of them this weekend.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s ahead.



Same TIME, same PLACE.  Just sprung forward starting Sunday morning. 🙂

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