with Joe Cortese

Snoop Dogg Delights Trials Fans

Watch Him Run The 200M

Snoop Dogg is already a rapper, producer, actor, chef, and winemaker, so why not add sports commentator to the list?

The reviews are in from NBC’s coverage of the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials this past week – and he’s a hit!

NBC Sports hired Snoop as a guest commentator for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Not only did he help with coverage at the Trials, but he’ll also give regular reports on the broadcasts from Paris.

We’re loving all the videos and reactions to Snoop’s reporting. He even got in on the action by running the 200M in Oregon alongside Ato Bolton and Wallace Spearmon. Snoop’s time was 34.44 seconds, and as he noted, it’s not bad for a 52-year-old!

@nbcolympics Snoop Dogg had to check out his speed at Hayward Field during #TrackFieldTrials24! 🔥 #parisolympics ♬ original sound – NBC Olympics & Paralympics

Fans really loved hearing from Snoop during the broadcast – he offers the kind of “every person” reaction that NBC was looking for!

We’re excited to see and hear more from Snoop in Paris starting July 26.

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