with Joe Cortese

Rolling Out The Red Carpet This Weekend!

This weekend on Retro Pop Reunion, we’re rolling out the red carpet and remembering hit movie soundtracks in honor of the Oscars!

Think back to the ’80s and ’90s and your favorite films… we bet you instantly remember the music in those movies!

We hear the opening chords of “Eye of the Tiger” and we’re in fighting stance like Rocky!

Or we hear the lyric “gotta gotta cut loose” and we’re up out of our seats and dancing around the living room like Kevin Bacon!

Joe Cortese will play them all this weekend as we look forward to the Academy Awards on Sunday!

Plus, you’ll find out how close Madonna came to being cast in “Footloose,” and Julia Roberts wasn’t going to be “Pretty Woman!”

Get those stories and more this weekend on Retro Pop Reunion! 

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