with Joe Cortese

Raiders of the Lost ’80s THIS WEEKEND!

There’s a bunch of songs from the video music era that are kind of like the cousins you don’t see enough… so when you do hear them, you realize how awesome they are!

This weekend on Retro Pop Reunion, Joe Cortese will Raid the Lost ’80s!

You’re going to LOVE this playlist… here’s a few clues!

  • One of them has this lyric: “what are you gonna do when you get out of jail, I’m gonna have some fun”
  • This lost ’80s hit was written by the same guy who wrote “White Christmas!”

Any guesses???

Plus, this weekend in August represents the anniversary of the Woodstock music festival in 1969. You’ll hear about a teenager who went to the festival, left early because of the mud, and went on to become an iconic artist for this generation!

It’s a Raiders of the Lost ’80s Weekend RETRO POP REUNION!

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