with Joe Cortese

It’s National Cereal Day!


It’s National Cereal Day! If you didn’t have a bowl for breakfast, have one for a snack or make it an easy dinner!

Cereal is America’s most popular breakfast food, with 2.7 billion boxes bought in the U.S. every year!

A 2023 survey by Civic Science showed that 70% of American households eat cereal, and more than half eat it on a weekly basis.

Most of those people prefer to eat it in a bowl with milk.

What’s the favorite cereal? We’ll give you One guess… Only One… are you getting Our hint???

Cheerios is the favorite cereal in the U.S., followed by Chex and Special K.

And get this – those who eat cereal most frequently are also more likely to exercise on a regular basis!

So, on this National Cereal Day, pick up a box, pour it in a bowl, and enjoy!

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