with Joe Cortese

It’s a Road Trip Weekend!

“Life is a Highway” when you’re “Livin’ on a Prayer!”

That’s right, we’re loading up the family wagon with an epic Retro Pop Reunion Road Trip Playlist!

Joe Cortese will play the best road trip songs from the video music era.

You pack the snacks, we have the tunes!

Also this weekend:

  • Pink tells us why she almost quit music when this rock superstar married his high school sweetheart.
  • Members of U2 will tell us about this game they started to play… and you probably have too!
  • Learn how the trend of young adults moving back in with their parents in the ’80s inspired this massive hit!

And in this week’s sunblock of hits, we’ll flash back to the summer of ’82 when Balboa was “working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.”

We can’t wait for this weekend on RETRO POP REUNION!

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