with Joe Cortese

How NKOTB Helped Save A Fan’s Life


When New Kids on the Block released their album “Hangin’ Tough” 35 years ago today, they probably couldn’t have predicted their music would one day help save a woman’s life!

Christina Meyer is a doctor in Wisconsin. She’s a huge fan of NKOTB, and hasn’t missed one of their fan cruises since they first set sail in 2008.

On the most recent cruise, she noticed a banner from someone looking for a kidney donor.

That led to Meyer meeting Theresa Crockett from California, a fellow “Blockhead.” Crockett has polycystic kidney disease and was in need of a transplant. She thought she’d try to find one on the cruise – and her banner worked!

The two women went through ten months of testing and found out they were a match.

They had their surgeries on the same day last week. Meyer’s surgery was in Wisconsin – and the kidney was then flown to California for Crockett’s transplant.

Both women are doing well and are recovering.

Crockett said she looks forward to attending an NKOTB concert with Meyer in the future when they’re both fully recovered.

The band is aware of the situation and has provided updates on the women – you can read more here! 


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