with Joe Cortese

HOMECOMING WEEKEND on Retro Pop Reunion!

We’re celebrating Homecoming this weekend on Retro Pop Reunion! We’ll take you back to your high school dance with the biggest hits of the video music era.

Joe Cortese will play back-to-back hits from the year YOU graduated… flashing back to the football game, the fashion, and the fun!

Plus, you’ll find out….

  • Two well-known music artists were Homecoming Queens at their schools!
  • What class gave us the top-selling TV soundtrack of all time and a video that has been viewed almost 2 billion times on YouTube?
  • And Kevin Bacon shares an incredible story of how he went undercover as a student at a high school to prepare for his role in “Footloose.”

Hit up an old friend from high school this weekend and Joe Cortese has a playlist to go with it, during HOMECOMING WEEKEND on Retro Pop Reunion! 

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