with Joe Cortese

Don’t Throw Your Eclipse Glasses Away!

Eclipse glasses

Now that the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is over, what should you do with those eclipse glasses?

The American Astronomical Society said they are safe to reuse and do not expire unless they are scratched or damaged in some way.

You could hang onto them until the next eclipse in 2026, but you’ll also have to make some travel plans for that one because totality will only be visible over Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Russia and a small portion of Portugal.

The next total eclipses visible from North America won’t be until 2044 and 2045.

So, the next best thing to do with your glasses – donate them!

The nonprofit Astronomers Without Borders has launched a huge donation program.  They have collection sites across the United States, including all Warby Parker stores. They are updating the list often so if you don’t see a site near you, keep checking!

Eclipse Glasses USA is also allowing you to mail your glasses to them for donation. Just put them in an envelope and mail to:

Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
PO BOX 50571
Provo, UT 84605

Of course, you can also recycle the glasses, by removing the lenses and recycling the cardboard.

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