with Joe Cortese


We have a pretty simple philosophy at Throwback Nation Radio: if we can engage with your audience and make THEM the stars of the show, EVERYBODY wins.  Tony explains it here…

Simply put: you make them the star, they give you more loyalty, they come back to your station every night and stick around in the morning, and your ratings and revenue go up.

Here’s what your station COULD sound like…

Here’s the info you’ll need to make it happen…

AVAILABILITY: 7 nights per week, available in Monday-Friday, Monday-Sunday, Saturday only, Sunday only, or a combination thereof.
LENGTH: 5 hours
SEGMENTS: 4 per hour
TARGET DEMO: Adults 25-54, super-serving A35-54.
FORMATS: Classic Hits, Adult Contemporary and Adult Hits (Primary), and Hot AC (Secondary).

Sample Playlist

Sample Clock



And if you haven’t heard about radio.cloud…

Our new partnership with radio.cloud, a new native-cloud based distribution software company, can give you a show that sounds like your station; your call letters, your imaging, your station name leading EVERY BREAK; even customized breaks for your promotions.  Take a look here to learn more about radio.cloud, and you’ll quickly realize why it was named Best New Product at the 2022 NAB Radio Show in Las Vegas.

And here’s what it sounds like…

You want better engagement?

  • Engaging radio that give you a better product on the air?
  • Engaging radio that gives you a product on your social media and website?
  • Engaging radio that helps you build sponsorships and MAKE MORE MONEY?
  • Engaging radio CUSTOMIZED for your city and your station?

We’d love to help!

Let’s connect soon – and get started on making your radio station the best it EVER has!