with Joe Cortese

Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

One of our favorite boy bands of the ’90s video music era, the Backstreet Boys, are headed to Las Vegas!

Nick Carter recently confirmed that the Boys will be doing a trial residency with Live Nation. They have nine shows to begin with, and if that goes well, the group could tack on additional shows.

Kevin Richardson said the gig in Las Vegas is perfect for the Boys and where they are now in life. He told Entertainment Tonight, “It seemed really convenient for the family! A Vegas residency, now that we’re all fathers, could be very convenient for us.”

The Backstreet Boys will get a taste of Las Vegas this weekend when they perform at “Lovers & Friends” at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. It’s a pretty stellar lineup of acts, including Janet Jackson, Usher, and Gwen Stefani.

As for what else the Boys are up to, they are also in the studio recording a new album. They’ve also got their eye on a certain girl group for the possibility of a world tour. Could you imagine the Backstreet Boys AND the Spice Girls? “We put the invitation out there and the girls just gotta figure it all out,” Carter told ET.


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