with Joe Cortese

Artists Who Served!

On the weekend we say thank you to those who have served… Retro Pop Reunion will feature pop artists who have served!

In honor of Veterans Day, Joe Cortese will play hits from artists with ties to the military and some who were in the military!

It’s a given that Maverick would be the famous vet from the decade… but you’ll also hear:

  • Why Billy Joel wasn’t allowed to serve but has a deep respect for veterans.
  • Pat Benatar’s connection to the Air Force.
  • Anne & Nancy Wilson will talk about being Army brats, moving around, and why Seattle is so special to them.
  • Bret Michaels of Poison has taken a leading role in helping veterans.
  • And this veteran actually said “Can’t Touch This” in his position while serving in the Air Force Reserve!

Join us as we salute our veterans who have made a difference for our country and on the charts… this weekend on Retro Pop Reunion!

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