with Joe Cortese

April A-Z: Weekend #3 Starts With G!

Hey, Retro Pop Reunion fans, we hope you’ve enjoyed our April A-Z playlists so far!

We’re up to Weekend #3 and we’re going to kick things off with G!

G for the Go-Go’s and “Girl You Know It’s True!”

H is for Huey and Hootie…

For the letter I, you’ll hear “Ice, Ice Baby” and “I Ran So Far Away.”

J is for Janet Jackson and Journey.

K will have some “Karma” and “Kisses…”

L will have you “Livin’ on a Prayer” or maybe “Livin’ La Vida Loco!”

And M has “Manic Monday,” Michael Jackson, Madonna, and “Mr. Jones.”

Joe Cortese is going to roll by both artist and title, so you never know what’s next… that’s the fun of it!  Join us this weekend on Retro Pop Reunion!

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