with Joe Cortese

April A-Z: Weekend #2 Is Gonna Be AWESOME

OK, Retro Pop Reunion fans, last weekend we kicked off our April A-Z playlist with A and B – we played songs from the video music era by artist and title.

This weekend, it’s Week #2 and we’re introducing FOUR new letters!

C is for Cyndi, Chaka, and “Come On Eileen.”

D is for all those songs that start with Don’t. “…Forget About Me,” “…Stop Till You Get Enough,” and “…You Want Me.” Oh, and Taylor Swift makes an appearance in the letter D with her favorite rock band from the ’80s.

E is for “Express Yourself” and “Every Breath You Take.”

And F will take us “Free Falling” to “Funky Town!”

You never know what Joe Cortese will come up with next – so join us this weekend on Retro Pop Reunion!

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