with Joe Cortese

APRIL A-To-Z: We sum it up from Q to Z.

And when we get to Z...is there anything better than ZZ?

ZZ Top performs during a tour stop for the WJJK Summer Bash with John Fogerty-ZZ Top: Blues And Bayous Tour at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center in Noblesville Ind. on Wednesday, June 13, 2018.Wjjk Summer Bash With John Fogerty Zz Top Blues And Bayous Tour Stops At Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center In Noblesville Ind

What a month!  We’ve had a blast traveling through the ’80s and ’90s alphabetically, as we reach the home stretch of the R’s through the Z’s this weekend!  That includes these and MANY MORE…


R – “Runaway”

This song title is a hit in both the ’80s and ’90s, and depending on which is YOUR era, you can probably name the artists.  (A hint: they’re both still out and about, and one is touring this summer.)


S – “Stand Back”

Just like you and I can’t get that song out of our head,  Stevie Nicks couldn’t shake a certain song from Prince when she was writing this song.  Which was it?  Find out this weekend – and you’ll probably FEEL IT when you find out!



The list of records that Michael Jackson’s album holds includes one that will absolutely, positively never be broken when it comes to the single “Thriller.  Hear this UNBELIEVABLE FEAT for yourself this weekend.


Z – ZZ Top

And to wrap it up – the band that gives us the letter Z, twice!  And some sharp-dressing moves and looks.


Join us this weekend, and let’s wrap up the alphabet together!

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