with Joe Cortese

APRIL A-To-Z: let’s go through “E” for Easter!

This weekend on the Retro Pop Reunion, we continue our special APRIL A-To-Z by dipping our toes into the C’s, D’s, and the E’s (for Easter), starting with the SO UNUSUAL talents of Cyndi Lauper!


C – Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi’s breakthrough 1983 album had a HUGE list of hits, and has propelled her into the spotlight as a performer, and now Tony award-winning producer for “Kinky Boots” in 2013.  She’s the first solo woman to ever win a Tony award for best original score – a huge score (pun intended) for her!



D – “Don’t Stop Believin'” was from… DAD?

It’s true, but that advice that Mom and Dad give you IS worth something!  Parental advice inspired the most-downloaded song of the 21st century.  Join us and learn how a backstory with DAD and some good advice about believing in yourself turned into an all-time anthem.


E – “Every Breath You Take” by the Police

There is a unique James Bond connection to this song that not many of us know about; it wasn’t in any Bond movies and not about a “Bond Girl.”  But, when we hit the letter “E,” you’ll want to know the UNIQUE connection between Sting and 007 that makes this song so iconic and unique.

So grab the Cadbury EGGS (under your letter “E”), and join us for C-through-E on our APRIL A-To-Z presentation, right here this weekend!

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