with Joe Cortese

APRIL A-TO-Z: From The K to the P, let’s turn it to 11.

This weekend on the Retro Pop Reunion, we keep our APRIL A-To-Z special going as we move through the portion of the alphabet that we all sang as kids as one big musical BLOB… “LMNOP!”

(Sing it out loud, you’ll hear it!)

Some of our highlights to enjoy?



L – “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ by Journey

Sure; it all sounds good, but what Steve Perry saw outside his apartment window that his then girlfriend was doing, was NOT so good at all.  Get the back story on how this Journey classic came together in the first hour of this week.



From seeing the “Thriller” music video, it doesn’t likely surprise you that Michael Jackson LOOOOOVVVVED movies.  In fact, he loved them so much he tried to buy Marvel comics to add to a plan of owning a movie company.  In another power move, he lobbied George Lucas to be a part of “The Phantom Menace” prequel in the late ’90s.  Find out why, ALTHOUGH INTRIGUED, George Lucas decided against having Michael in the movie coming up this weekend.


P – Poison’s Brett Michaels

Poison’s leading man Bret Michaels has never feared the spotlight, even with a chronic medical condition.  Michaels has been a type 1 diabetic since he was a child. In hour 4 of this week’s show he’ll explain how that health issue helped him survive being a rock star.



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